Uluwatu Temple and Kecak Dance

This temple is a must-see for stunning sunsets, breathtaking views from a cliff and the not-to-be-missed Kecak dance which takes place here every evening. The entrance fee to the temple itself is 30,000 IDR for adults and 20,000 IDR for kids. You will be provided with a sarong and sash, regardless of gender, as it is customary and respectful to cover knees and legs at Hindu temples and places of worship. Also be aware that there are numerous monkeys roaming freely and they are quite curious. Don’t wear jewellery, or sunglasses on your heads or carry anything in your hands such as water bottles; they will try and take them from you.  And ladies, keep your purses in front of you as close to your body as possible. On the evening that we visited it was very busy as there was a ceremony taking place. Balinese men, women and children were outfitted in traditional kebaya, kamen and selendang carrying offerings for the Gods. Uluwatu Temple Ceremony The views as you walk through the outdoor temple are stunning. It reminded us a bit of a mini version of the Great Wall of China with its winding paths and picturesque views. Uluwatu Cliff Sunset Even though it was overcast on this particular evening, we opted to stay for the Kecak dance. Entrance fees are 100,000 IDR for adults and 50,000 IDR for kids. Uluwatu Temple Kadek Dance The dance is really worth seeing. There are no instruments, just a group of 30 men or chanting. It is beautiful and soothing. The dance tells the story of the Ramayana and keeps you entertained for a good hour. There are also some comedic breaks which are great for the kids and the fire is the climax of the whole show. Stick around till the end if you can to get some pics with the performers.
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