How To Earn Money Online While Travelling Full-Time

Full-time travelling has never been easier than it is today.  With so many jobs available online, all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection.  So what can you do to earn you enough money to travel full-time?

Preston and I have multiple streams of income that all come from our online businesses. I’ll show you exactly what we do to generate a steady income every month so that we can keep travelling the world.

Digital Marketing and Website Design

About 5-6 years ago, Preston got into app development. Apps were huge back then and this business opened up the doors to website design, social media management SEO and lead generation.  We started up our own digital marketing agency and have never looked back. We have a steady stream of clients that happily pay us on a monthly basis to get them more business. It requires lots of work but we have a solid team that works with us to help us meet targets and deadlines.Website design for non techs


From this business, we also started our own dropship ecom store. We failed many times with this but eventually found the right kind of store, products and clients.  We use Shopify as our ecom platform and we’ve been extremely pleased.

Crypto Investing

We also generate money by day trading and long-term investing in crypto. This is risky and I will stress that you should not invest any money that you are not willing to lose.  Check out this platform here if this is something that you are interested in doing.


We make money from this blog from advertising, Google Adsense and affiliate links. If you have writing skills and you want to share your passion with people, start a blog. Just know that you won’t instantly start to make money from it, but over time as traffic to your blog grows, you will be able to generate an extra income.


Vlogging is kinda like blogging but through video. A GoPro will easily get you started but if you can’t afford one a simple camera from your smartphone is good enough. Editing is time-consuming as are voice overs but you can earn a steady income from your videos once they are uploaded to YouTube.

So that about covers what we do to earn an income online while travelling but there are many more ways as well so keep on reading.

Virtual Assistant

Many companies require VAs to help them run their businesses and accomplish various tasks. Apply for these jobs on sites such as and make sure you highlight all of your skills (data entry, writing skills, typing speed, language skills, etc.)  You can earn a steady income if you can land a good contract.


Freelancing is a great way for you to showcase your many talents. Whether you are good at graphic design, social media management, translation, website design, app design or logo design, this is a great gig while travelling.  Check out sites like upwork.com or fiveer.com to find suitable work.