How Did the Kids React To Traveling the World For a Year

Both Preston and I have always loved traveling, and always talked about how amazing it would be to see the world one day and bring the kids along to experience new cultures, adventures and destinations.

For the last 4 years, we have been hard at work building our online marketing business, and we finally felt that 2017 was the right time for us to turn this dream into a reality. So in 2016, we started introducing the idea to Damian and Jasmine, our oldest kids, and kinda get a feel for what they thought about such an adventure. Jasmine was cool with the idea, although she worried that she wouldn’t be able to continue gymnastics training, her passion. Damian was a lot more apprehensive about the whole thing, worrying that he would lose all of his friends at school and that he would be bored. And to be honest I worried about these things too, and I even started thinking that maybe the kids would resent us later on or that they would have a hard time adapting.

So over the last year, we have watched lots of YouTube videos with the kids and even involved them in mapping out our travels and picking our first destination. We were very open with them that we couldn’t take their toys along and that life would be different, things that they were used to wouldn’t always be so readily available.

But a month later, we are settled in Bali, and the kids are the happiest they have ever been. They have even asked us about doing this for two years! Life is amazing!

Sofia and Xavier are younger and they haven’t really noticed a change…but  have noticed that they are so much happier just being. Xavier gets excited playing with empty cardboard boxes and plastic bottles and Sofia loves playing pretend for countless hours everyday. They run freely and play hide and seek and swim and are less glued to tablets and TV, which is amazing. They don’t miss their toys one bit and they rarely ask for anything when we are out shopping. This is a huge change from kids who just a month ago would have a had a meltdown at Toys R Us if we walked out empty handed.

Every morning, Monday through Saturday, I homeschool the kids for about 60 to 90 minutes a day. It took some getting used to for everyone, but I feel that we are finally making some progress.

But more importantly, the kids are learning so much more than what school could teach them…we go to the beach everyday, and Damian and Jasmine have learnt all about wave patterns and sea creatures. We are learning the Balinese culture and the kids are picking the language pretty well too! We enjoy trying new foods, watching local artisans make wood carvings and Batik clothing. We have watched traditional dances and spent hours talking to locals and the kids have a new appreciation for life.

We hope you join us on this epic family adventure and travel along with us as we discover the world.

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