Budget Friendly Food In Bali

When I was researching Bali, I heard about warungs and I was intrigued. Basically warungs are local food stalls or small restaurants that mostly cater to locals offering typical Balinese food. You can find them at every street corner, on beaches and pretty much everywhere you look in Bali. They have cheap food, but be wary because not all warungs are created equal.

cheap foods in bali
Nasi Goreng

Our first experience with a warung was in Nusa Dua…we were hungry and craving something simple and fast, that even the kids would eat. We tried Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng, fried rice and fried noodles. For 13K and 14K rupiah respectively, these dishes were delicious and made fresh right in front of us by a very friendly couple. We ate at this warung a few more times during our stay in Nusa Dua and it was always packed with locals, a good sign that quality and hygiene were up to par.

Some other favorites include Warung Sanur Segar, a tiny hole in a wall in Sanur just off the main street, that offers some amazingly fresh and delicious burritos, quesadillas, tacos and other Mexican dishes. Pair a burrito with an ice-cold coconut (Rian, the owner, keeps her coconuts in the fridge), and you are in heaven. Prices range from 35K-50K rupiah and you get lots for that. Our family of 6 ate there for 20K including water and coconuts and tip! The kids loved it so much that we ate there two days in a row.

Preston, who can’t say no to delicious seafood, found his favorite warung at Sanur Beach. Walking past all the fancy restaurants along the boardwalk (we can’t do fancy very often with 4 kids in tow and some very picky eaters who get bored and restless easily), we came across a tiny spot with an outdoor grill, Warung Amphibia.  You can pick from shrimp, prawn, lobster, and octopus (all still alive) and have it grilled to perfection right in front of you. 200g of prawn will cost you approximately 70K rupiah and it is served with a side of local veggies and some pickled onions. Add a cold Bintang from next door for 2K and you are all set.

cheap eat in bali
Chicken Satay Sticks

Another kids’ favorite is the chicken satay sticks…grilled right in front of you and served with yummy peanut sauce, the kids attack these every time we get them.  And so far, the best snack, according to the kids are the spring rolls at the beach…vendors walk up and down the beach carrying display cases of spring rolls on their heads. 10K gets you three fresh and crispy spring rolls served with some sort of sauce. They are delicious and definitely satisfying after a full day of swimming and snorkeling.

All in all, the food is delicious in Bali and it pays to be a little adventurous as you will discover delicious foods at every street corner.

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