Follow us as we set off to travel the world with our 4 kids.

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We have always loved traveling, but with 4 young kids it’s been a bit hard to travel very much over the last 10 years. We’ve taken family vacations and done Disney a few times and visited family overseas but we haven’t really explored the world until now.

Over the last year, we really talked about traveling the world for a year while continuing to scale our online businesses.

For the last year we have really focused on scaling our existing businesses and migrating everything online and automating as much as possible. 

And finally after a year of planning and a some very crazy last few weeks, we left our home in Canada with one-way tickets to Bali, Indonesia! With only 3 suitcases and some carry-on bags, we set off to truly live our dream life.

Our plan is to travel South-East Asia in the next few months, visit Australia & New Zealand and then figure out our next destinations! 

It’s been the most exciting and liberating feeling in the world and everyday is truly a blessing. Life has slowed down and being around our kids and seeing the world through their eyes is simply amazing.

We invite you to follow our journey and hopefully get inspired to travel the world too…this is truly something that every person should experience in their lifetime.

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