How We Book Our Accommodations for Our Travel Around The World

When we arrived in Bali, we were so happy that we had used AirBnB to book our first week of accommodations. Arriving somewhere unfamiliar with 4 young kids after 2 days of travel is overwhelming to say the least.  I had never used AirBnB before so I was extremely happy that the place we had booked turned out even better than I could have imagined.  

After our first week in Nusa Dua, we decided to rent a villa for a month in Sanur, this time without using AirBnB. We went to visit our villa before agreeing on a rental price, but as soon as we moved in, we realized that the villa owners had over promised a lot and we were quite underwhelmed and disappointed with many issues that arose during our stay. And because we hadn’t booked through AirBnB, it was difficult to lodge a complaint or even rate the place so that others would know what to expect.

After 12 days in that villa, we decided that this was not the right fit for our family so we moved after finding another awesome place on AirBnB that wowed us.

Using AirBnB for us is great because we get to provide our kids with a ‘home’ while we travel and we get all of the amenities like a kitchen, laundry and space which is ultra important with 4 kids. Additionally, you will very often get discounts when you book weekly or monthly and generally AirBnB accommodations are way cheaper than hotels.

I generally scour through reviews and pick a listing based on location, cleanliness and how responsive a host is when an issue arises. I love that fact that you can connect with your host and message them…it’s important to me since you can really see just how accessible they will be with you during your stay.

If you are looking to do any travelling soon, do yourself a favour and book through AirBnB…you’ll get more space than a hotel and really get to experience a neighbourhood as a local would and that is priceless.

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