How Did We Prepare For Our Travels

Sometimes you hear of people selling their homes and all of their possessions, but we didn’t go that route, knowing that we would eventually go back to Canada. Instead we rented out our home and we will keep it as an investment property. As for our stuff, we gave a lot of it away…10 years and 4 kids it’s insane how much stuff you can collect!  We downsized everything we had, I packed up about 12 garbage bags of my clothes and shoes and just donated it and it felt sooooooo good! It was liberating actually to not have ‘stuff’ anymore. As for our essentials and sentimental items, we have stored them at my parents’ place. We managed to pack all of our stuff into 3 suitcases and we each had a carry on bag with laptops, tablets, some school supplies, a favorite stuffy for each kid and that was it!

And now that we are in Bali, we are realizing that we may have overpacked! Laundry is done for us everyday, so we pretty much can wear the same clothes. Shorts and tank tops are pretty much my new uniform here…the pretty summer dresses I brought are rarely used unless we go out somewhere fancy for dinner…which has only happened twice with 4 kids LOL.

One of the things I hope to achieve for myself and the kids is to simplify our lives…have less stuff, declutter, and live more freely. I’m a firm believer that stuff just holds you back and I hope that by living a simpler life in the next year that we can appreciate the things that really matter in this life.